A quick update

Just a quick update - I can't play poker until I get back to university in September, this also means I won't be coaching until then too sadly.

No luck on the job front either, hopefully I'll find a decent job within the week.


Finished exams!

Had my last exam this morning at 9:00am, went a lot better than expected but not as good as I would have hoped but it's defo my worst subject so whatever.

Only played for about an hour yesterday; played 5 $16 sngs and a 5000FPP Sunday million satellite. Managed to finish 1st in 2 sngs and win the Sunday million seat which was a good result imo. Doubt I'll play the Sunday million though, probably just cash it in for $T.

Played a little hour long NL100 session this morning after my exams, finished up about $150 and took a pretty disgusting beat AA vs AK AIPF for a 300BB pot, but I've been running good lately so I don't really mind. So after all is said and done my bankroll (including T$) is at about $3,690 which I'm really happy about, considering it was at ~$2k two weeks ago when i started playing NL100.

I'm hosting my first coaching session on the 30th for PokerStrategy which I'm really looking forward to. I really enjoy teaching and I think I'll be able to iron out a few leaks in my game too. I'll be teaching NL50 on PartyPoker (sadface) with another experienced coach from the PS team.

So now for the summer! Think I'm gonna go Amsterdam with a couple of mates which'll be good fun, then get a job for the remainder of the summer. Ideally I'd like to play a lot of poker but I dunno if that'll be possible because of the situation at home (Dad/Step mum don't like poker).

Anyway gonna get very drunk tonight to celebrate finishing my exams and first year of uni. To be fair I've loved every minute of it and can't wait for next year. If any of you out there have the chance to go I'd thoroughly recommend it!



I mades a blog

Hai guys

My idol Henry told me to go make a blog so I did.

So; I'm Tom and I've been playing poker seriously for about 8 months now. I started with SNG's on stars and gradually worked my way up from the $6 turbo's to the $16's (graph below).

Total games: 1,682
Duration: 20/09/07-01/04/08
ROI: 12%
Limits: $6 SNG, $16 SNG & various MTT's
Total profit: $1675

After I got sick of the variance of sngs (about 6 months in), I decided to give 6max cash a try. My roll was equivalent to about 20 buyins at NL50, so decided to start there. For the most part my first month went well and again you can find the graph below.

Total hands: 28,743
Duration: 07/04/08-30/04/08
PTBB/100: 3.77
Limits: NL50 6max w/ a couple of unsucessful shots at NL100 6max
Total profit: $942

I started my second month alternating between NL50 & NL100 until I finally ran goot and moved up. I haven't managed to get in as many hands as I would of liked because I have exams at the moment. Hopefully I can get some decent volume in after they have finished.

Total hands: 10,947
Duration: 01/05/08-20/05/08
PTBB/100: 10.6
Limits: NL50 6max, NL50 HU and NL100 6max
Total profit: $1562

As you can probably see I have been running pretty good lately, hopefully I can keep it up. Just for good measure I've added a PokerEV graph below with all my hands from all limits.

Current bankroll: $3173

Anyway time to get back to some ICP revision, last exam on friday!